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Magnesia - Volos - Pelion

The Archaeological Museum of Volos was built in 1909 with funds disposed by Alexis Athanassakis from the village Portaria of Pilion. The style of the building is neoclassic and the plans were executed by I. P. Skoutaris and A. Angelidis. 
Beside the numerous and various exhibits, special interest in the Museum of Volos presents the way of exhibition in the halls with the Neolithic artifacts and the halls with the representation of the graves. They allow the visitor to have a more direct contact with the antiquities and comprehend their function easier. 

Periodical exhibitions take place in two halls of the Museum from time to time. At the moment there is an exhibition of the Angelos Bastis collection of Neolithic artifacts from all over Thessaly, which has been donated to the Museum. There is also an exhibition of the new acquistitions of the Museum which come from the recent excavations in the regions of Magnesia and Karditsa. 
An educational programme from Primary school pupils has been put into practice, the subject of which is "Neolithic culture: once upon a time in Sesklo and Dimini". 
Collections housed in the Museum: 
Collection of Paleolithic finds from all over Thessaly 
Rich Neolithic collection of vases, figurines, clay models of houses . 
Reconstitutions of tombs of several periods 
Collection of gold jewellery 
Collection of painted funerary stelai from Demetrias 
Collection of releif funerary and votive stelai 
Collection of clay, bronze and glass vessels of all the periods 
Collection of coins from Thessaly and other regions of the ancient Greek world 

Address: 1 Athanasaki Str, 381 01 Volos
Tel: +30-421-25285

Full admission 500 grd 

Reduced admission
(students from countries outside the E.U., citizens of the E.U. aged over 65) 300 grd 

Free admission     persons under 18 
    university students from Greece and the E.U. 
    students of Classical Studies or Fine Arts from countries outside the E.U. 
    members of the ICOM-ICOMOS
    tour guides 
    persons possessing a free admission card 

Days of free admission for all visitors     Sundays in the period between 1 November and 31 March
    national holidays
    6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)
    18 April (International Monuments Day)
    18 May (International Museums Day)
    5 June (International Environment Day)
    the last weekend of September every year (European Heritage Days)

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