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Kos island

Kos IslandKos is an island in the Dodecanese group in Greece, next to the Aegean Sea. Among Kosí most famous sons are Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Apelles, the painter, and poets Philitas and Theocritus. 
Kos is the third largest of all the Dodecanese islands, and has a long, narrow shape with only two low mountains on the southern coast, Dikaio and Simpatro. The islands main port and capital, also named Kos, features whitewashed buildings, many hotels, and avenues lined with palm trees. There are also a small number of nightclubs located on the famous Bar Street. Kos features a 14th century fortress, erected by the Knights of Saint John of Rhones in 1315, located at the entrance to the harbor. 
Villages worth your time if you are visiting Kos include Asfendiou, Pili, Andimahia, which is perched upon a plateau in the middle of the island, Thermes, which holds wonderful hot springs and spas, Kardamena, a beautiful seaside resort, and Kefalos, which features a beautiful beach. 

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