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ATHENS GREECE  / Transports

Transportation in Athens is inexpensive. A subway & metro system links the city with Piraeus, suburbs and downtown Athens. The ticket fare is 250 drs. Bus runs regularly all over the city. The fare is 150 drs

Athens Subway & metro Map

Located 27km northeastern of Athens, the new Athens International Airport, is accessible via Attiki Odos, a six-lane motorway constituting the Athens City Ring Road. Public transport is provided by express airport bus connections with Athens center and the port of Piraeus on a 24 h basis, ensuring efficient transport of air travelers and facilitating linkage to key tourist attractions. 
Future developments such as the Suburban Rail, to be completed in 2003, in combination with the existing sections and the extensions under construction of the Attica Metro network will further improve airport access and enhance intermodality. 
There are three bus itinereries dedicated to carry passengers to and from the airport:
  • Line E94 connects the Ethniki Amina Metro Station with the Airport. Passengers can transfer from the Metro line to the Airport Bus at this departure point.
  • Line E 95 Syntagma Square - Airport Express has its departure point at the center of Athens (Syntagma Square) and via Vas. Sofias Avenue, Mesogion Avenue and Attiki Odos terminates at the airport.
  • Line E96 Pireaus - Airport Express starts from the center of Pireaus (Karaiskaki Square) and via Posidonos Avenue, Varis-Varkizas, and Varis-Koropiou Roads terminates at the airport.
For Express Lines E94-E95-E96, the ticket costs 1.000 GRD (Euro 2.93) and is valid for 24 hours on all public transport means (buses, trolley-buses and metro). 

In Athens, a car is more trouble than convenience. The traffic is heavy and finding a parking place is so difficult that once, in desperation, we drove to the airport, left the car in the long-term parking lot there, and took a cab back into town.

If you want to drive outside Athens, there are plenty of rental agencies south of Syntagma Square

It's rumored that there are more than 15,000 taxis in Athens, but finding one empty is almost never easy. Especially if you have travel connections to make, it's a good idea to reserve a radio taxi (see below). When you get into a taxi, check to see that the meter is turned on and set on "1" rather than "2"; the meter should be set on "2" (double fare) only between midnight and 5am, or if you take a taxi outside the city limits (if you plan to do this, try to negotiate a flat rate in advance). 
There are about 15 radio taxi companies in Athens; as their phone numbers often change, it's worth checking the daily listing in "Your Guide" in the Athens News. Some established companies include Athina (tel. 210/921-7942), Express (tel. 210/993-4812), Parthenon (tel. 210/581-4711), and Piraeus (tel. 210/418-2333-5).  Your hotel can make the call for you and make sure that the driver knows where you want to go. Most restaurants will call a taxi for you without charge.

On Foot
Since most of what you want to see and do in Athens is in the city center, it's easy to do most of your sightseeing on foot. Fortunately, Athens has created pedestrian zones in sections of the Commercial Triangle (the area bounded by Omonia, Syntagma, and Monastiraki squares), the Plaka, and Kolonaki, making strolling, window-shopping, and sightseeing infinitely more pleasant.

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