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The distances are not great from Athens to any of the surrounding areas.
While in Athens, consider a side excursion to one or more of the "isles of Greece." It is easy to arrange a day trip by boat from Piraeus to one or more of the islands of the Saronic Gulf. Aegina, Poros, Spetses and Hydra. All are feasible day trips but it is best not to schedule a tour for the day before you leave Athens.. It is possible that a sudden storm could leave you stranded for a day on an island. Allow time to savor an unexpected adventure such as this!

All excursions from Athens take the visitor into Attica, which today, as in antiquity, is the name of the countryside around Athens. According to legend, the hero Theseus unified the 12 towns of Attica under the leadership of Athens. The Attic countryside provided Athens with wine grapes, olives, honey, grains, fruits, marble from Mount Pentelicus Pendeli and Mount Hymettus Imittos, and silver from the mines at Laurium, near Sounion. 

Temple of Poseidon
Temple of PoseidonBuilt in 444BC, the Temple of Poseidon stands on the tip of Cape Sounion, overlooking the Aegean Sea, and is a spectacular sight, particularly when there is a good sunset. The site (tel: 22920 39363) is open daily from 1000 until sunset and admission is €4. The coastal road from Athens offers a dramatic route to the ruins by car or bus. From the city centre, the regular local bus departs from Mavromateon, a side street next to the National Archaeological Museum.

Mt. Parnitha
20km north of the city, you can go to the National Park of Mt. Parnitha and enjoy a peaceful nature with the rest of the Athenians. Air is pure and fresh because the Park is at an altitude of 1000m. There is a road to the mountain, but you can also take the cable car, know as "teleferic", for a fantastic view and great sensations

Peania Caves
To escape the heat of the summer, the caves at Peania are the perfect place to go. 4km west of Peania it is possible to reach them only by car, for no public transport go there. The Caves are really interesting to visit because they have an impressive quantity of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

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